Peracutus Aqua Meth

For the determination of the volume of a limb or a small, local part of a limb , Peracutus has invented a new patented concept and has now converted this concept into a device: the Peracutus Aqua Meth.

A limb is placed vertically in a cylinder which is filled with water. The measurement is carried out by pumping water into the cylinder at a constant flow. The ascending speed of the water at any height is thus depending on the cross-sectional area of the limb at any specific height. In this way a profile of cross-sectional areas is obtained over the total length of the limb and the volume of any chosen part of the limb can easily be deduced.
Up to date mechatronics and state-of the-art signal processing have resulted in a prototype of the device.

In a first clinical study, the Peracutus Aqua Meth has been validated at the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the academic hospital in Maastricht and the results show a significant improvement of the accuracy of measurement:, Wolfs et al., Lymphatic Research and Biology 10, January 2019, Evaluation of a Novel Water-Based Volumetric Device for Measuring Upper Limb Lymphedema: First Experience with Healthy Volunteers. See PDF. 

Peracutus Aqua Meth
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Peracutus Aqua Meth Animation
Example Design Impression, click for more

Example Design Impression (Click for more)

Edema Symposium, April 8th 2017, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands

Edema Symposium, April 8th 2017, Hilvarenbeek, The Netherlands (Click for more)

The Peracutus Aqua Meth Prototype

The Peracutus Aqua Meth is the next step in monitoring the state of lymphedema. A state of the art and patented measuring method applied in this device enables the detection of very small changes in limb volume. Besides the high accuracy, the time needed to perform a limb measurement is less than 2 minutes.

The Peracutus Aqua Meth will bring a wide range of benefits:

  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Ultra local volume measurement
  • Short measuring time – less than 2 minutes
  • Suitable for any shape of the limb
  • Measuring at small incremental steps enabling volume calculations of any chosen segment of the limb. This also makes the Peracutus Aqua Meth a support tool in Applied Research.
  • Ergonomic and patient friendly design
  • Trolley system for optimal scan mobility
  • Scan view of complete limb
  • Operator independent
  • Friendly user interface
  1. High Accuracy
    The Peracutus Aqua Meth measures the cross-sectional area of the limb along the length continuously, at each position. The volume can easily be derived from these cross sectional areas. Deviations from the reference limb of less than 1 cm2 are achieved. This corresponds with a change of < 1mm radius.
  2. Quick measuring cycle and immediate results
    The applied technology features a high-speed measuring. In less than 2 minutes the measurement is performed and gives an immediate result.
  3. Ergonomic
    The water container is ergonomically designed to minimize the patient’s inconvenience. The patient will experience the measurement as a comfortable test, for example because the water temperature is kept at 30ºC.
  4. Friendly user interface
    Operating with a conventional PC/Laptop allows simple monitoring and control of the measuring unit. The measurement data are automatically stored, processed and evaluated. The result is a graphical view of the cross-sectional area (cm2) at every position of the limb.
  5. Ultra-local measuring
    The Peracutus Aqua Meth is the first apparatus in history, which makes local volume measurement possible. This offers the medical doctor valuable diagnostic information.