Several years ago, Peracutus started to investigate the possibility of cooperation between the (para) medical world and other disciplines within natural sciences, in order to accelerate and improve research in the field of lymphedema.

It is remarkable that a disorder that affects more than 350,000 Dutch people and threatens many others, has received so little attention for a long time. This lack of attention has led, for example, to the situation that it took three hospitals and more than a year to be able to finally diagnose lymphedema.

Peracutus approaches the medical subject lymphedema from the non-medical, natural scientific side. What methods are used in the diagnosis of lymphedema and what are their limitations? Which parameters are relevant for describing lymphedema? How is lymphedema defined and what causes the disorder?

Meanwhile, Peracutus has good contacts with lymphedema specialists. Based on intensive discussions Peracutus took the initiative to choose “Vascular systems and their pathology” as a theme for its work.

A wide network has been established for the lymphedema project consisting of Peracutus and specialists from different disciplines: vascular pathology, dermatology, internal medicine, cardiology, surgery, mathematics (modeling), technical physics, molecular biology, genetics, diagnostics, product development and marketing.