Peracutus is based on the integration of imagination, inspiration, illumination and realization. Imagination is the basic process to create new ideas. Inspiration is important to transfer the spirit to others. Illumination refers both to the transformation of question to answer, and on the other hand to a learning process. Realization means focus and result driven.

Fundamental interest in nature is converted into (scientific) knowledge and then used by Peracutus to investigate “everyday” issues. Applying the necessary energy and perseverance, this leads to new concepts and new applications.

Peracutus brings knowledge into practice. New concepts arise as a result of brainstorming sessions in which existing knowledge is made more profound, but also by questions of others.

Some skills and know-how needed are present within Peracutus. Further, Peracutus works together with (preferred) associates, specialized in a particular field. In this way the complementarities of the separate individuals are exploited to give even more added value. Peracutus will therefore often act simultaneously with several people.

For her work Peracutus Ltd has access to innovative national and international networks. These networks are used to serve companies, organizations, and partners. This leads to mutual benefits and multidisciplinary connections between theory and practice, and that is exactly what Peracutus stands for.