Hans Stemkens

Ir. Hans Stemkens MSc (1958) studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente.

Hans: “I have always had a preference for the foundations of my discipline Chemical Engineering, more specific a special fondness for physical transport phenomena and reactor engineering. Deep inside myself there always has been the desire to understand the world around me. Looking at the fundamentals of nature, in particular the foundations of the natural sciences and psychology, I would like to gain an understanding of what is happening. It is this desire that excites me to help people to grow in their development. I deeply believe that any progress of someone that I’ve helped is a development for myself so I can continuously grow and can give meaning to the lives of others and of myself. In the same way I can enjoy it to come up with new ideas and turn them into new products. From this core, I am committed helping Peracutus customers. I want to help them to be successful by contributing their company by doing projects and developing new products. Many years of experience in leadership roles within R&D, Engineering and Production Departments and coaching people help me to let our customers sustainably successful.

Frans Houwen

Dr. Frans Houwen (1958) studied Biology at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, and gained a PhD in anaerobic microbiology and biochemistry at the Agricultural University in Wageningen.

Frans: “Passionated by Science I then worked for several years as a PostDoc at the Agricultural University of Uppsala (Sweden) and at the University of Ghent (Belgium). The enthusiastic support of students was in both places a very important part of my work. Back in the Netherlands I worked for Sanquin Bloodbank (Maastricht) as manager of the divisions Production, Laboratory & Distribution, including Quality, (international) guidelines, and software application management. Then, as a project manager I carried out several projects to initiate and improve processes and methods. In an industrial environment, I have contributed as microbiologist / system developer to the creation of a number of products at the interface of biology, engineering and software. In 2009 I started my own company ScienceLynk Ltd. Starting from innovation and the belief that (multidisciplinary) collaboration is exciting and needed, a new partnership was initiated. This has led to the establishment of Peracutus Ltd in 2013.

Ger Segers

Ger Segers BSc (1955) studied electronics at the University in Eindhoven.

Ger: “My fascination for marketing and sales has always been triggered by curiosity, to understand what is behind technology and how can we apply that technology in products or services useful for the market in a B2B environment”

My Company Visions MC, established in 2004, supports Companies in finding new ways of the sales and marketing cycle to grow their business durable by continuously challenging the status quo. My vision is by sharing knowledge and experience we achieve proper solutions much faster and more efficient.

I do have more than 25 years of international B2B experience, including business development and sales and marketing. As a professional I contributed to developing medical devices for Philips Medical System in a global market. My experience has been built up over the years in executing functions in Product Management, project management as well as sales and marketing management. In my international career as the sales and marketing director for an Austrian Company my task was creating/setting up a new sales and marketing organisation, developing distribution channels and supporting the worldwide sales team. I really enjoy translating market needs into to new product developments and launching products in a B2B environment.

I’m excited to become a partner of Peracutus Ltd to contribute to completing the chain – Imagination – Inspiration – illumination – realisation.